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Optimize fittings are produced without the use of mold-manufacture techniques - they are all individually machined for optimal dimensional consistency, thread quality, surface finish and concentricity. This ensures smooth and reliable tightening, a secure tubing connection and longer thread life.

OPTI-LOK™ 6K fittings are ideal for making solid, secure high-pressure connections into any 10-32 port. For low pressure applications, OPTI-LOK LP 1/4-28 fittings are the best choice for connecting into flat-bottomed low-pressure ports.

For UHPLC, Optimize delivers with the EXP® Titanium PEEK Hybrid ferrule. The ferrule adjusts to any port depth and can subsequently be removed and reused in a different port while still maintaining adjustability. The ferrule provides the necessary zero-dead-volume seal to allow connections beyond 20,000+ psi.


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