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Optimize products are manufactured by skilled machinists at our facility in Oregon City, Oregon. To meet our exacting standards for quality and reliability, our designs push the limits of manufacturing tolerances. To achieve these dimensional tolerance controls, we individually machine components and avoid mold-based manufacturing techniques. We ensure the consistency of our manufacturing process with a rigorous quality control program.

The Driving Force

Innovation started Optimize and innovation continues to fuel our progress. The spirit of Optimize is exemplified by products such as the Auto-Adjusting Stem, Hand-Tight EXP® hardware rated to 20,000psi, Opti-Max® check valve components, and the Opti-Lynx™ quick-connect system. We push the limits of excellence in everything we create.

Research & Development

At Optimize Technologies we are obsessed with Research and Development. It's hard not to be when we define and pride ourselves on continual progress. Our team of engineers and chemists are constantly engaging in the evaluation of existing product designs and the conceptualization of new ones. Our many collaborative efforts with various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and pharmaceutical research companies have resulted in customized components and devices for a variety of unique applications, increasing our experience beyond the realm of HPLC.

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