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At Optimize, innovation is the driving force. Although we offer a comprehensive selection of components for most brands of HPLC systems, we are always in the process of R&D to discover new products that will save your laboratory time and money.

Specific Needs, Specific Results

From simple one-piece fittings to entire fluid handling assemblies- no project is too small or too large. Optimize specializes in custom design and development services including packed-bed products, quick-connect technology and complex fluid handling devices. Offering patented features such as EXP®, Opti-Lynx™ and Opti-Solv®, we are able to customize our existing products or can design new solutions from the ground up to meet your specifications. 

Virtually all manufacturing and design takes place in the USA. On-site engineering and manufacturing allows us to make rapid changes during the production process to meet the immediate needs of our customers. Highly experienced machinists bring to life the innovations created by our team of design specialists, engineers, and chemists. Our quality assurance professionals, who have an established reputation for being the most demanding in the field, ensure all Optimize products meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.

Optimize Partners

See what our customers are saying...Our partnerships continue to benefit a variety of companies and customers with diverse applications. Now more than ever, Optimize is the perfect partner to adapt existing designs to specific applications, engineer solutions for problematic situations, and create innovative products. Read our Testimonials:


"We have been using custom packed Opti-Lynx™ Quick-Connect columns and Opti-Solv® In-Line filters for several years in our high-throughput LC/MS/MS analysis of ADME screening samples. Problems with consistency and column longevity have been virtually eliminated since we started using OPTI-LYNX products. The Quick-Connect design makes changing columns fast and easy, eliminating the need for any tools. We analyze tens of thousands of samples each week (40-50,000). Opti-Lynx™ columns are a cost-effective option for our application due to the large number of samples we analyze." 

Pfizer ADME 
Technology Group


"A custom miniaturized version of the Opti-Lynx™ hardware, specially designed to minimize dead volume, is the core of the RapidFire™ high-throughput mass spectrometry system. Together with our custom packing material, the Opti-Lynx™ system allows us to achieve extremely sharp chromatographic peaks with minimal tailing at relatively low flow rates that are compatible with atmospheric pressure mass spectrometry, eliminating the need for post column splitting or diverting. Over the past several years we have used the Opti-Lynx™ system to analyze over 3 million samples using the RapidFire system." 

Can 'Jon' özbal, Ph.D.
Senior Director and RapidFire Business Manager Biotrove, Inc.


"The Berlex ACS group has worked with Optimize Technologies on a number of custom fabrication projects of varying scope. The projects have ranged from the design, engineering and fabrication of complex reaction block and shaker systems, to the development, testing and finally the bulk production of individual reaction tubes (supplied at more than 300K per year). Optimize personnel have always provided creative cost effective design options and high quality products. The experience of working with Optimize Technologies on custom projects has been very rewarding." 

Karen May
Scientific Unit HeadAutomated Chemical Synthesis GroupBerlex Biosciences


"Optimize Technologies developed a custom polysulfone 'dose piston' with a stainless steel flow restrictor installed at the outlet. This custom piece is used to dose our pharmaceutical dry powdered product into a vial via a sterile filling process. The Optimize disposable dose piston eliminates pre-assembly and testing associated with our old assemblies, which can take several hours. The new dose piston assembly also is void of integrity issues as the stainless steel filter is far more robust than the pleated filter we were assembling. We save time and money due to relative ease of installation and it eliminates the issues we were incurring with filter damage prior or during a GMP production run." 

Jay Carstens 
Process Engineering, Alkermes, Inc.

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