EXP®2 Stem Filter

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Pressure Rating,


Pressure Rating:
up to 20,000+psi - UHPLC




Modern UHPLC and UHPLC/MS instrumentation pushes the envelope in fluid handling with tiny passages and extremely high pressures. At any time, an unprotected system is a stray 1μm seal fragment away from failure, loss of data continuity and subsequent troubleshooting and repair. The best assurance against this costly prospect comes from safeguarding your system with thorough filtration.

The EXP2 Stem Filter features a choice of frit porosities integrated with our patented auto-adjusting stem for repeated ZDV connections with any 10-32 port. The entire filter stem and reusable holder are only slightly larger than a standard HPLC fitting. The slim architecture allows it to easily fit into crowded instrument compartments, tightly-spaced injection ports and anywhere else an extra level of protection against clogging and contamination is necessary. The EXP2 Stem Filter is an ideal solution to protect expensive UHPLC columns, injectors, autosamplers and MS electrospray tips without extra-column effects.

When tightened by hand, the EXP2 Stem Filter seals to 8,700+ psi. The reusable holder hardware also incorporates wrench flats to enable flawless sealing to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar). The EXP2 Stem Filter is the ultimate low-impact protection for expensive UHPLC and MS equipment, assuring trouble-free performance allowing the user to concentrate on the data, not troubleshooting.

Key Features

  • Kit includes Stem Holder, 3 Disposable Stem Filter Cartridges and fittings
  • Approved for use at 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Hand-tight and wrench-tight configuration
  • Reusable holder intended for many repeat uses
  • Auto-adjusting ZDV connections
  • Low-dispersion cartridges
  • Ultra-low .27 µL total swept volume
  • Custom volumes/ porosities available
  • New EXP2 design incorporates integral ferrule into the front-end of the holder. No separate ferrule to lose.

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