OPTI-MAX® EXP® Check Valve Cartridges for Dionex / Thermo Ultimate 3000 Series, 2/Pk

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The new OPTI-MAX EXP 7mm Replacement Cartridges utilize proprietary OPTI-MAX technologies with 316 stainless steel (SS), PEEK and Zirconia wetted materials for complete compatibility and reliability at HPLC and UHPLC pressures over 20,000 PSI. The OPTI-MAX Check Valve Cartridge features a higher density ceramic ball and seat enabling the valve to be more responsive and seat faster in lighter solvents. Each ball and seat set is individually matched to ensure a lock-and-key fit, guaranteeing 3 bubbles/minute or less in the industry standard nitrogen bubble test (common acceptable standards are 12 bubbles/minute or less). As with all OPTI-MAX Check Valve products, ball travel within the cartridge is minimized to ensure quicker seating, extremely low pulsation and more accurate pump metering. The robust 316 SS cartridge body allows the OPTI-MAX Cartridge to be easily inserted into existing OEM housings.

The combination of specialized features, innovative technology and precision manufacturing make the new OPTI-MAX EXP Check Valve Replacement Cartridges an unbeatable choice for Ultimate 3000 Series Pumps.

** For use with OEM (Dionex/ Thermo/ Gyncotek) housings only. Not compatible with OPTI-MAX® CV Housings. **

Compatible Models

Ultimate 3000™ Series
DGP-3600BM, DGP-3600RS, DGP-3600SD
HPG-3200RS, HPG-3200SD
HPG-3400RS, HPG-3400SD
ISO-3100BM, ISO-3100SD
LPG-3400BM, LPG-3400RS, LPG-3400SD
NCS-3500RS, NCP-3200RS

Gyncotek 300C, M480, P580, P680

Key Features

  • 2 Pack
  • Cost-effective alternative to OEM offering
  • Wetted materials: 316 SS, PEEK and Zirconia
  • Compatible with HPLC and UHPLC applications
  • Exceeds industry standard nitrogen leak test 
  • OPTI-MAX Zirconia ball/seat set individually tested
  • Rated to 20,000+ PSI
  • Made in USA

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