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OPTI-MAX® Check Valve Replacement Cartridges, 2 pack


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OPTI-MAX Housings, 700002761, WAT270941, 700002399, 700002275


Each ball and seat set is individually matched to ensure a lock-and-key fit. This guarantees 3 bubbles/minute or less in the industry standard nitrogen bubble test; common acceptable standards are 12 bubbles or less. We have also minimized the ball travel distance within the check valve; less travel distance equals quicker seating and more accurate pump metering. Simply put, tighter specifications make a better valve. A single OPTI-MAX® cartridge is interchangeable across multiple pump brands, and will function in either the inlet or outlet position. The same replacement cartridge will fit into OPTI-MAX® housings for pumps made by Waters, Shimadzu, Agilent/HP, and most other OEM solvent delivery systems. This allows you to minimize the number of spare check valve cartridges you keep on hand, and dramatically reduce the cost of inventory required to cover your maintenance needs.

We recommend a stainless steel body with a ceramic ball and seat. It is our most popular configuration. A high-density ceramic ball & seat makes the valve more responsive and offers faster seating in lighter solvents. A stainless steel body has a high mechanical stregth.

Looking to reorder? The middle two and very last digit found in the part number of your check valve housing directly correspond to the check valve replacement cartridge you are looking for.

The first middle digit – This number signifies the size of the replacement check valve cartridge.

  • 10-3x-02004: 1/32”
  • 10-4x-02004: 1/16”
  • 10-5x-02004: 1/8”
  • 10-6x-02005: 3/16”
  • 10-7x-02004: 1/16” (UHPLC pressures)
  • 10-8x-02004: 1/16” (Double ball UHPLC pressures)

The second middle digit – This number signifies the type of material the replacement body and ball and seat are created from.

Second Middle Digit

Cartridge Material

Ball & Seat Material


Stainless Steel



Stainless Steel








The last digit –

  • 10-xx-02004: All check valve replacement cartridges ending in 02004 are interchangeable between all OPTI-MAX housings (except xx-6x-xxxxx)
  • 10-xx-02005: Check valve replacement cartridges ending in 02005 require Extended Flow housings (xx-6x-xxxxx)

Key Features

  • Includes 2 replacement check valve cartridges
  • Ball and seat set is individually matched
  • Ceramic or ruby and sapphire ball and seats available
  • Stainless steel or PEEK bodies available
  • Can function in either inlet or outlet position
  • Interchangeable across multiple pump brands

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