EXP®2 Nano Trap Cartridges

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Pressure Rating, Bed Volume,


Pressure Rating:
up to 20,000+psi - UHPLC
Bed Volume:
.125uL - 1uL




The next-generation EXP2 Nano Trap System is a breakthrough in trapping hardware design and provides the finest low-volume hardware and connections to minimize extra column effects and sample dispersion.  The EXP2 Nano Trap packed bed is extremely versatile: robust for applications calling for trapping in one direction followed by elution in the reverse while adding the absolute lowest swept volume for vented-trap applications where the trap is loaded and eluted in the same direction. Applications for the EXP2 Nano Trap include general sample cleanup, sample concentration and removal of detergents or salts at UHPLC pressures.

EXP2 Nano Traps are available in 2 formats: 10-32 threaded connections for 1/16” tube ports and 6-40 threaded connections for 1/32” tube ports. Multiple bed volumes and bonded phases allow customizable formats to achieve the separation, clean-up, and concentration that will be effective for your specific method. Please note that the 6-40 holder can be connected to a 6-32 port with the purchase of EXP or EXP2 fittings. If you are working with 6-32 threads and have any questions, please contact an Optimize representative.

The new hand-tight EXP2 fittings from Optimize allow the Nano Trap to achieve the highest performance at UHPLC pressures while maintaining a small profile to fit tight spaces in switching or injection valves. The Nano Trap is best coupled with narrow bore (25um, 50um, 100um) PEEKsil tubing to deliver top performance.

Key Features

  • NEW bed volumes : .125, .30, and 1uL
  • Rated to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Reduced column volume for superior performance
  • For multi-directional and uni-directional trapping
  • Lowest swept volume design for peak sharpness
  • Made in the USA

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