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OPTI-TRAP™ Cartridges


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The OPTI-TRAP™ is a bi-directional trap cartridge system which is used individually or in a series for sample concentration and purification. The OPTI-TRAP system features a durable biocompatible trap holder assembly made of either PEEK (capillary configuration) or stainless steel with a PEEK flow path (micro and macro configurations). OPTI-TRAPs feature low back pressure and are loaded and eluted manually with a syringe or on-line when plumbed into the sample injection valve. OPTI-TRAPs include titanium frits for full biocompatibility.

Custom packing is also available upon request, please contact us directly for more information.

Key Features

  • For use up to 1,500psi (100bar)
  • Low back pressure, for syringe loading/eluting or on-line trapping applications when plumbed into sample injection valve
  • Titanium and CTFE for Chemical and Biocompatibility
  • Transparent design allows for visual inspection of bed
  • Bidirectional for easy flushing and regeneration of the bed
  • Three bed sizes: 50uL, 5.0uL & 0.5uL
  • Color coded band identification for packing materials
  • Custom packing available - gray band
  • Replacement cartridges available in singles and 6 packs

Compatible Holders

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