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  • In-Line and Direct-Connect Configurations

OPTI-LYNX™ Micro Holders


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Combining a versatile selection of packed beds and the use of a convenient quick-connect holder, Opti-Lynx provides numerous options for chromatographers for on-line or off-line sample clean-up and pre-concentration. Two styles of holders are available: The Opti-Lynx Micro BC offers full biocompatibility as the in-line version while the direct-connect configuration threads conveniently into all 10-32 ports. Bed volumes range from 4uL to 40uL along with a wide range of standard and custom packings. Opti-Lynx traps are the ideal tool for optimizing your technique, whether you want to separate a peptide digest from its matrix for further analyses, or prepare a dilute small molecule sample for LC injection without loss of sample. These columns may be loaded and regenerated repeatedly for maximum value.

Opti-Lynx Direct Connect Holder includes: backend Opti-Lok Fitting

Opti-Lynx In-Line Holder includes: Opti-Lok Fittings and tubing

Key Features

  • Quick-connect system in-line (BC) or direct-connect versions
  • 6,000 psi with hand-tight quarter turn, no tools needed
  • Low back pressure design
  • Bi-directional
  • Biocompatible cartridges and in-line holder

Compatible Cartridges

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