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EXP®2 Fitting Kit for PEEKsil®


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The EXP2 Fittings with Ti-LOK Ferrules offer UHPLC connections for 1/16” and 1/32” PEEKsil tubing that seal to 15,000+ psi – depending on the tubing I.D. For example, 50µm PEEKsil tubing can be hand tightened to over 20,000 psi. These fittings are ideal for making Nano HPLC and UHPLC connections and easily fit into tight spaces such as injection valves, column couplers, sample loops and column ovens.

The EXP2 titanium hybrid Ti-LOK ferrules combine the robustness of titanium and the sealing capability of PEEK. Utilizing a unique inverted geometric design, the ferrules firmly press the PEEKsil tubing against the tube stop of any instrument port, creating a zero dead volume (ZDV) connection. The titanium portion of the ferrule does not permanently swage to the tubing, allowing for many repeat connections and the ability to adjust the tubing to different port depths. Included with the Ti-LOK ferrules are the new EXP2 3/16” hex head nuts and EXP2 Driver. The nuts are available with 6-32, 6-40 and 10-32 threads and have been scaled down to allow for maximum working room in cramped spaces. The EXP2 Driver is a small, easy to use knurled torque driver which snaps on to the nuts for hand-tightening and loosening. The EXP2 Driver is slotted and can be removed from the nut and tubing after use. EXP2 Ti-LOK fittings are currently available as kits with EXP2 nuts, Ti-LOK ferrules and an EXP2 Driver.

The combination of bottom-of-the-port sealing, Titanium Hybrid technology and precision manufacturing make the EXP2 Fittings an unbeatable choice for any standard or nano UHPLC and UHPLC/MS application.

Key Features

  • Available in 2 Pack and 10 Pack configurations
  • Rated Hand-Tight to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Auto-adjusting, zero-dead-volume connection
  • Extremely robust one-piece ferrule design
  • Intended for many repeat uses
  • Cost efficient with replaceable components
  • Perfect for standard + nano-scale UHPLC and UHPLC/MS
  • Made in U.S.A.

Replacement Ferrules 


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