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Plunger, Waters 510, 590, 600/600E, 610, 6K/6KA

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510, 590, 600/600E, 610, 6K/6KA


Pistons are, by design, a consumable part of the HPLC pump and should be replaced on a regular preventative maintenance schedule. To maintain peak performance and avoid unplanned downtime, sapphire pistons require inspection every six months with yearly or as-needed replacement. Optimize sapphire pistons offer optimal concentricity and resistance to wear. Each sapphire rod is specifically cut in relation to the grain of the crystal lattice, yielding maximal resistance to breakage and superior wear characteristics. Attachment of the rod to the piston ferrule is performed through a proprietary process ensuring concentricity. This is an important, often overlooked procedure parameter that has a direct effect on seal lifetime.

Key Features

  • Offers optimal concentricity
  • Sapphire is less abrasive than ceramic
  • Specifically cut in relation to the grain of the crystal lattice
  • Maximal resistance to breakage
  • Superior wear characteristics
  • Proprietary attachment of the rod to the piston ferrule ensures concentricity


510, 590, 600, 610 & 6K/6KA

Alliance 2690, 2695, 2790 & 2795

Seals and Pistons

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