Inside Optimize

Optimize Technologies designs and manufactures a complete range of innovative HPLC components. We are an R&D driven company, offering both replacement components for all major-brand HPLC systems, as well as unique components for general HPLC use. Our products are successfully sold in over 60 countries, both as end-user items and through OEM relationships with HPLC instrument manufacturers. A number of our products are patented or patent-pending, and are available only from us and authorized Optimize Technologies Dealers.

All Optimize products are designed with quality, convenience, performance and durability in mind. Our customers know that when they buy Optimize HPLC components for their system, they not only get components that perform exceptionally in comparison to their OEM equivalents, but also products which offer greater convenience and reliability. And every part we offer comes with our industry-leading guarantee of satisfaction.

The Optimize product family is divided into two sections - the first covers general HPLC components, such as filtration accessories, column protection devices, and analytical columns - products that are suitable for use on any HPLC. The second section includes maintenance parts and upgrade kits designed for specific HPLC systems. 

Optimize Products for All HPLC and UHPLC Systems

Many Optimize products are suitable for use on any HPLC system, regardless of make and model. We offer innovative solvent filtration products, designed to protect HPLC systems from particulate damage. We also offer guard columns in several innovative designs, which provide vital protection for expensive analytical columns. Our OPTI-LYNX hardware allows high-pressure connections to be made in an easy quarter-turn, while EXP Analytical Columns deliver quick-connect convenience in a cartridge column format. And all of these products can be used in labs with service contracts already in place. No matter what type of HPLC systems you use, Optimize components can help keep these systems running smoothly and make them easier to maintain.

Maintenance Products for OEM HPLC and UHPLC Systems

Many components in an HPLC system endure some degree of wear during routine operation. Components such as check valves, pistons and piston seals must function optimally if the system is to produce a stable flow rate and a steady baseline. There are two approaches to maintenance of an HPLC system; some laboratories establish a periodic maintenance (PM) schedule, while others take the “fix it when it breaks” route. Because the cost of downtime is very high (in some labs, the cost of lost analysis time can exceed $3,000 per hour), proactive replacement of key components under a PM schedule can keep costly downtime to a minimum.

Although all OEMs include information on system maintenance in instrument manuals, many chemists are discouraged from performing maintenance themselves because replacement of key components is often unnecessarily complex. All Optimize maintenance parts have been designed to provide a convenient, fast and reliable way for chemists and maintenance professionals to handle these basic system maintenance tasks without the need to call in a service engineer.