ITB™ PTFE Plunger Seal, 10mL S/SC Head, Gilson/Rainin

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$136.00 - $1,262.90
$136.00 - $1,262.90



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5463125095, R007101637


HP, HPX, HPXL, SD200/300


Optimize Piston Seals are the longest lasting seals on the market. Machined from either of two proprietary polymer blends, UHMW-PE or ITB, Optimize Seals provide the ultimate in high pressure sealing capacity. For mostly aqueous buffered mobile phases, PTFE-based Improved PTFE Blend (ITB) seals are a superior choice for applications with elevated temperatures, high organic content, or when the broadest possible solvent compatibility is required. ITB™ seals tend to be softer than those made from UHMW-PE, making them more forgiving at high pressures where piston side-loading or misalignment may occur. This softer nature also leads to more shedding, but the ITB™ proprietary blend is designed to shed particles that are large enough to be caught at the surface of a standard 2 µm frit, not embed within it. For specific recommendation on a seal material for use with your particular mobile phase, consult our Solvent/Seal Compatibility Table.

Key Features

  • Precision machined
  • Optimal shedding - large particles
  • Soft/ forgiving material
  • Recommended for mobile phases with high organic content
  • Superior choice for applications with elevated temperatures
  • Broadest solvent compatibility