EXP® Analytical Column Hardware

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Pressure Rating,


Pressure Rating:
up to 20,000+psi - UHPLC




The cartridge-based EXP® Analytical Column System is designed for superior chromatographic analysis with each injection rated for routine use up to 20,000 psi.

The new EXP® Analytical Column Holders incorporate Free-Turn® architecture allowing the user to quickly exchange columns, by hand, without breaking any fluid connections. The EXP® Analytical Column Holders are available in two formats: In-Line and Direct Connect, allowing the user to bypass additional tubing and connect directly to the detector for even greater resolution. Holder kits also include EXP® Nuts and Titanium Hybrid Ferrules to ensure repeated zero-dead-volume connections.

The EXP® Analytical Column Hardware is precision machined and held to the highest of specifications to ensure excellent performance and repeatability. EXP® Analytical Column Hardware is available for purchase as empty columns. The column hardware is assembled up to the point of packing, allowing the customer to completely control the resins used, packing processes and testing conditions. Packing fixtures are also available and are compatible with all column dimensions.

Key Features

  • Hardware rated to 20,000+ psi (1400+ bar)
  • Hand-Tight, NO TOOLS!
  • Cartridge-Based Format
  • Repeated Column Performance
  • Free-Turn® architecture for quick exchanges of columns
  • Quick Connect/Disconnect
  • Repeated ZDV connections

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