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EXP®2 TI-LOK™ Hand-Tight Adapters (Adapts 1/32" Tubing to 10-32 Ports)


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The EXP2 TI-LOK Fittings and Adapters offer capillary HPLC and UHPLC connections for 1/32” PEEKsil tubing that seal to 20,000+ psi in any port and easily fit into tight spaces such as injection valves, column couplers, sample loops and column ovens.

The EXP2 TI-LOK range of fittings and adapters allows users the versatility to change out capillary tube ID, length or end fittings to create virtually any tube set configuration. The EXP2 TI-LOK Fittings are available with 6-32 and 6-40 threads for 1/32” ports. The EXP2 TI-LOK Adapters will allow users to connect the 1/32” PEEKsil tubing directly to a standard 10-32 port designed for 1/16” tubing.

The EXP2 TI-LOK Fittings and Adapters combine the robustness of titanium and the sealing capability of PEEK. Utilizing a unique patented inverted geometric design, the fittings and adapters firmly compress the PEEK sleeve of the PEEKsil tubing against the tube stop of any instrument port creating a zero-dead-volume (ZDV) connection without fracturing the fused silica. The titanium portion of the fitting does not permanently swage to the tubing, allowing for many repeat connections and the ability to adjust the tubing to different port depths.

Using the EXP2 Driver, the EXP2 TI-LOK Fittings and Adapters can be hand-tightened into any HPLC or UHPLC port. The EXP2 Driver is a small, easy to use knurled torque driver which snaps onto the fitting hex for hand-tightening and loosening. The EXP2 Driver is slotted and can be removed from the fitting and tubing after each installation. The EXP2 TI-LOK Fittings and Adapters are available as kits which include the fittings and driver. 1/32” PEEKsil is available in various lengths with IDs of 25μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm and 150μm.

Additionally, the EXP2 TI-LOK 10-32 Adapters can be purchased with a 0.5μm frit embedded in the tip to create an integral filter or capillary column end-fitting in standard 1/16” tubing ports. Before purchasing 10-32 Adapters, please verify your port type.

For more applications such as sample loops, fitting kits and packed capillary columns, please contact Optimize for more information.


Key Features

  • Rated Hand-Tight to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
  • Auto-adjusting, zero-dead-volume connection

  • One-piece fitting (no loose ferrules)
  • Robust design with superior corrosion resistance
  • Releases tubing for easy repositioning into different ports
  • No need to cut tubing to replace a swaged ferrule
  • Simple and versatile - can be used in all LC applications
  • Compatible with PEEK, PEEKsil, Hastelloy C and stainless steel tubing
  • Intended for many repeat uses
  • Cost efficient solution with replaceable components
  • Perfect for standard or nano UHPLC and UHPLC/MS
  • Patent NO 8201854



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